Somewhat more than a campfire

This website documents the adventure of transporting, building and inhabiting a Yurt (Mongolian Ger, originally decorated) and the subsequent passage of guests, among them many artists and performers. Our Yurt was erected first in Montpellier in 2005, where many lovely families have enjoyed it. Later in 2013 we have reached the hills of Santa Aquilina, between San Marino and Italy, to erect it once again as an interdisciplinary platform for art and land valorisation research. Today, during the summer of 2014, our Yurt will reach the beautiful nut woods of Picentino, near Salerno, to be part of the cultural initiative #Catuozzo by

Qualcosa in più di un falò tra amici

Questo sito web documenta un'avventura intrapresa nel trasportare, costruire ed abitare una Yurta (tenda Ger della Mongolia) ed il conseguente passaggio di ospiti, tra i tanti artisti e performers. La Yurta sorge fra le colline di Santa Aquilina, tra San Marino e l'Italia, e costituisce una piattaforma di ricerca interdisciplinare tra pratiche artistiche e valorizzazione del territorio.